UV Silk Screen Printing

The process of screen printing ink directly to the surface of your bottle or glassware gives your product a creative, craftsman image that becomes part of the bottle and helps it stand out. Our automated presses use UV light to instantly cure the ink without the need for inefficient oven drying. We use only organic inks that comply with CA Prop 65 and are non-toxic and free of heavy metals. Screen printing has many benefits when compared to label options:

  • Durability – doesn’t fade, stain, scratch, tear, wrinkle or peel off
  • Image design unrestricted by labels
  • Color consistency
  • Extensive range of custom colors and metallic inks available
  • 360° wrap-around printing and neck printing options
  • Clean and precise – no rough label seams, edges or bubbling
  • Waterproof and heat resistant
  • Excellent adhesion to glass, plastic or metal containers

When you want your bottles to stand out on store shelves, screen printing is the paperless bottle labeling solutions for you. Read below to learn more about our plastic or glass decorating process – and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  We’re happy to help you determine the right option for your artwork and budget.

Design: Choose between designing a new label or refreshing your existing paper label. OBW can guide you through the design process or introduce you to our design professionals.

Collaboration: Next, we’ll discuss the specific details your project. We’ll touch on bottle selection, timing, shipping requirements, quantities and other important details. Once we have the designs complete, colors confirmed and layout approved, we’ll produce a sample so that you and your team can review it on your actual bottle.

Production: This is where the magic happens. After you have approved your sample bottle, we’ll print the rest of your glass with our industry-leading screen printing machines while monitoring for print quality, color, registration and bottle-care throughout the process.

Delivery: Upon completion, you can pick up your decorated bottles or OBW can arrange transportation for you. Careful attention is paid to timing to ensure you receive your beautifully decorated bottles right in time for bottling. Enjoy!


Your package plays a central role in initiating a consumer’s first purchase. Said another way, “the first sale is the label, the second is the product inside.” Your label attracts the eye, pulls in the consumer’s attention and then captures their imagination. Using a direct screen-printed label is an important branding and marketing decision.


Why follow the masses with a conventional paper label when you can differentiate in the place it matters most: retail.

Neck printing. Shoulder printing. Full 360 degree wrap. All contribute to a fully unique label on your bottle


Your label’s best side? How about all of them. From a branding perspective, screen-printing enables your entire bottle to serve as a canvas of visual expression. Design your brand and show off your story no matter how your bottle is positioned on the shelf


Your label just got an armored-shell. Eliminates the tearing, scuffing, fading, OR bubbling of traditional paper labels.


Let no table-side ice bucket or picnic cooler destroy the label you’ve invested so much in.


Improve your bottling line efficiency. Fewer steps in the label application process means fewer headaches at the bottling stage.

Large Format Screen Printing: OBW SoCal is able to UV Screen print on Large Format…from 32oz to 1.5 gallons.  Up to 3 colors.

PS Labeling – Bottle/Jar/Lid

OBW is able to apply PS Labels to your bottle, Jar, Lid or Tube. We utilize the latest high speed Rotary Labelers (450bpm) as well as Inline PS labelers, Tube Labeler and Cap labelers. Our high speed labelers are capable of 1/32″ registration. We are also able to inflate your bottles to provide the rigidity necessary to label lightweight containers.

Tube Decorating

High-end, graphically exciting tube decoration enables you to communicate the features and benefits, usage recommendations, and all-important branding cues of your product while differentiating it from its competitors. Experts agree, great package design plays an integral role in product selection, customer retention, and market share expansion.

We offer a host of easily deployed, yet sophisticated decorating options. Used alone or in combinations, our expert decorating results in superior tube packaging ideally suited for any packaging strategy.

Our capabilities include:

  • Labeling
  • 100% Full-Wrap with Overlap

Jar Decoration

We are able to high speed Screen Print from 1 to 4 colors to your Plastic Jars as well as apply PS Labeling in either front and rear or full wrap. We are able to accommodate from ½ thru 60oz jars.  We are also able to accommodate complex square or octagonal shapes.

Lid/Closure Printing & PS Labeling

We are able to Hotstamp or PS Label your closures and lids. Our automated Hotstamping lines are high speed 8 quadrant high seed machines built for high volume precision production. We can accommodate foils as well as PS spot labels.

Hotstamping – Foiling

Hot stamping is the technique of applying a variety of metallic and or holographic accents to a container or closure through the use of heat, pressure and dyes. The dye is embossed with the image to be transferred to the surface of the container. The embossed dye is then heated, pressing the foil onto container. The effect can be either debossed (creating an image that is pressed into the surface) or, occasionally, deboss (creating a raised image). This method can also be used to roll a 360-degree foil stripe around a container or closure, or to apply graphics and logos with a straight foil stamp.

OBW utilizes the latest high speed automated 8 quadrant rotary hotstamping line.  Focused on very high volume applications.  The only high speed machine on the western USA.  

Advantages of hot stamping:

  • Works on both glass and plastic substrates
  • Does not require post-curing or treatment
  • Can be applied in gold, silver, copper or any “metalized” color
  • Offers precise design placement
  • Highly adaptable to unique or elaborate patterns
  • Low minimum runs

Glass Decoration

Screen printing directly on-the-bottle creates the standout look with colors that jump off the shelf. There are not as many paperless labels on the shelf to differentiate your product. Also this enables you to highlight the environmental benefits (no paper). UV-based inks have completely changed the industry.

UV-based inks do not contain any solvent components (like a solvent-based ink), which means they don’t have any solvents that need evaporating. UV inks dry instantly when exposed to UV lamps allowing high speed printing at speeds up to 100 bottles per minute.

Conventional UV-based can now meet the same high chemical resistance standards as component solvent-based systems. UV inks activated with high intensity UV Curing create a bond to a surface of your glass bottle. OBW utilizes an high intensity Fusion systems that ensure full ink cure and ADHESION. Unproven LED systems will not provide you with proper adhesion. In addition, UV inks are certified free from heavy metals like lead and cadmium. They are CA Prop 65 compliant and are independently tested to meet the standards of the CPSIA.

On the design side, UV inks also provide more color options and often can hit brighter, more vibrant notes than ceramic inks. UV ink mileage is also significantly higher, so your costs should be lower per pound. Ceramic inks are melted into the surface of the bottle at more than 1200 degrees F, or a low-fired version at 400 degrees F. Solvent-based inks cure between 350-400 degrees F, and UV requires no heat at all.

Craft brewing entrepreneurs are more mindful than most of their carbon footprint, and are driven by a desire to use as little energy as possible and without products that contain heavy metals. UV-based inks present this solution for those also looking for an on-the-bottle look that pops. If you are currently screen printing, and aren’t sure which systems or processes are being used, you may want to inquire with your printer.